Thursday, May 20, 2010


This is the latest and greatest from the ergonomic gurus at Humanscale! It is a sensor that detects occupancy of the office and turns off lighting, heaters, fans, printers and other equipment when you leave. There is no internal wiring or expensive renovations to you office, just place the sensor and plug its cable into the eight-outlet OCCSTRIP and plug in your equipment. Two outlets are not controlled for a CPU or FAX that should remain connected. I have included a couple of product drawings and a tech page.
The Isole OCCSTRIP is an energy saving control system that provides maximum surge and noise suppression while keeping plug load equipment off when there is no occupancy. It consists of an eight-outlet power strip and a personal occupancy sensor.
The OCCSTRIP turns plug load devices on and off based on occupancy. The personal sensor connects to the eight-outlet power strip with the attached cable. The power strip contains six outlets controlled by occupancy and two outlets that are uncontrolled. The OCCSTRIP automatically turns all controlled devices off when the work has been unoccupied for the user-defined time delay. Uncontrolled devices remain on regardless of occupancy.
The OCCSTRIP is ideal for controlling task lighting and computer monitors. Additional devices for the controlled outlets include space heaters, fans and other equipment that can be turned off during unoccupied periods. Devices such as CPU's and fax machines should be plugged into the uncontrolled outlets. Applications include workstations, open office cubicles, offices and engineering stations.
The user can set the time delay to turn off anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minutes after he/she leaves the room. The sensor detects user presence with 120 degree coverage up to 300 square feet. That suggests that the user can spend time away from the desk at a near filing cabinet and the sensor will not interrupt the powered systems. How can you not be excited with this product!
If you're not there-it's off! How simple can savings get?
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